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In December of 2013 I took a leap of faith by leaving my well paying job and moving to Houston, TX to start a career in commercial real estate and take the next step in a relationship with my now wife, then long distance girlfriend. 

I was working as a consultant with a fundraising firm, running high end capital campaigns for the redevelopment of Catholic Churches and Schools. In just under five years I lived in five states, eight cities and more hotels than I like to remember. I loved the company, the work, the travel and all the people I was able to encounter; but in the end I wanted to find a career that I could enjoy for the next 40 years. 

In January 2014 I took the opportunity to work with a local boutique industrial real estate firm, TNRG. Working with TNRG offered the opportunity to gain education into the brokerage world while also gaining a wealth of knowledge into the development industry. The ability to work in an office with brokers and developers allowed me to have an inside look at how a real estate deal goes from start to finish. From locating a site, developing a site plan, constructing the buildings and filling them with end users; I had the chance to see it all. 


In December of 2015, the brokerage arm of TNRG became the Houston branch of the National Real Estate Firm, Lee & Associates. I continued to grow my client base and use the new national flag to gain a larger market presence.

Most recently, in October of 2017, I was recruited by two brokers to join NAI Partners and form a three man team. Since I started in commercial real estate brokerage the industry has seen exponential growth and change. I believe that working with a team of brokers offers clients a more consistent and a more focused level of service. 

Moving forward my goals will be to work with more Institutional Industrial Owners as well as growing my book of business of National Credit Tenants. I intend to work on more industrial development projects as well as sourcing more industrial investment opportunities for my clients. From research I have read and trends that we have seen across multiple industries, I anticipate 2018 to be a very busy year for industrial real estate in Houston. And I fully anticipate in taking advantage of it. 

Ryan H. Searle
NAI Partners - Houston

Ryan was born in Rochester, NY and raised in Denver, CO since the age of eight. During High School, Ryan played soccer, baseball and became and avid skiier.


After High School, spent a year enjoying the "Champagne Powder" of Steamboat, CO and eventually moved to Fort Collins, CO to attend Colorado State University. 

While in Fort Collins, Ryan obtained a bachelor degree in Sociology and a Minor in Political Science. Ryan was also on the Colorado State University Club Baseball team and won a National Championship. 

Ryan was married in March of 2016 to his wife Jessica and they recently welcomed their daughter Anna Grace to the world in August 2017. 

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